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Having graduated from Long Island University with a Bachelor of Science in Education, he has spent a good portion of his career as a P.E. teacher. His soccer accolades include being drafted by the Witchita Wings (Major Indoor Soccer League) and being invited to train at the Cosmos training camp. His extensive coaching experience includes coaching at numerous soccer camps such as the Pele Soccer Camp, Beckenbauer Soccer Camp and the Cosmos Soccer Camp. In addition, he also held an assistant coaching position for 10 years at Columbia University, where he was responsible for promoting Junior varsity players, scouting top players and international recruiting. Former Head Coach at Pratt University for 3 years, where he oversaw both men’s and women’s soccer programs and was also Head Coach for N.Y.C. where he lead the Empire State Women’s team to their first ever medal win. Finally, he spent a year as Head Coach at Olympia H.S. where he took the school from a record of 4 wins and 16 losses to 16 wins and 4 losses.


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