Soccer NextGen

P.O. BOX 950295

Lake Mary, FL 32795

Tel:  321-420-5504 or 407-953-5455

Soccer NextGen Camps

Ages 7- 15​ • Boys and Girls
Multi-child discounts available!


Our weekly soccer classes offer youth the opportunity to learn how to dribble, pass, shoot and more!  We start working with with your youth from the age of 4 years old and we have programs that go up until 16 years old.  Our trainers will help to build skill, confidence, and soccer savvy.  Come join us for one of our Saturday morning classes at Blue Jacket Park.  Call to get more info and enroll below!

Private Training

We offer different services, one of which, is to become a NextGen player, who ultimately can become a GEM. These players are usually expose to different discreet training and training grounds. They understand and adopt the philosophy, “that practice becomes better” and have committed to said philosophy. These exceptional players who now play for Orlando City MLS Pro academy Club, colleges and other surrounding club’s academy, are given assigned home work, Element Training, illumining practice, specific creative style of plays, alongside other premier source of training, which would have been introduce to them in other european academies.


We also offer a branding service. This platform is to highlight top players accomplishments and their accolades. Scouts, coaches and agents, consider Soccer NextGen to be the breeding ground for future stars.